Tour 1; climbing the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ mountain, Bela Adormecida.

This mountain, more than a thousand meters high, offers a unique, elevated perspective of the jungle, and the possibility of camping there at its summit.

Heading down stream from the Pousada by boat, you will pass through picturesque rapids which swirl past the islands and beaches of this breathtaking part of the Rio Negro.

Entering the mouth of the Curicuriari River, you will have the chance to visit an indian village, see a water fall, or go camping on a river beach or island before beginning your trek to the mountains.

During the trek you will get a real feel for deep jungle exploration and camping, collecting water from the streams and springs you come across along the way, and learning the secrets of jungle survival from your indian guide.

Tour 2; Exploring one of the more isolated areas of the upper Rio Negro; the Cauaburis River.

Chances are you will not see another boat during the whole trip along this enigmatic river. The bordering, wildlife rich jungle is your’s to explore as you make your way up stream towards the Earth’s equator.

This is real expedition style adventure, and you will need to lend a hand packing, unpacking and carrying the boat over the rocks at each waterfall you encounter depending on the water level of the river from recent rainfall.

Heading back down, take the time to relax at your campsite near river beaches and rapids which form around rocky islands. Your experienced, English speaking guide is there from start to finish to make sure your trip is both safe and unforgettable.

At the mouth of the river Caubiris, you will have the chance to visit an indian community. Then after climbing aboard one of the passing regional river boats, take a well earned rest and enjoy the scenery from your hammock as you head back up the Rio Negro to the township of Sao Gabriel.